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【新鮮事】Stem Cells bear fruit for infertile ground.

According to the Sunday report of The Observer (Newspaper of UK) at November 13, new technology will boost fertility in addition to women. For most of us, is it mean scientists can play God and can product newborn? Or it means gay couples can have their own child?

How about it in Ethical, Legal And Social Issues? Can we organize it by the Progress Educational Trust?

'You don't have to be infertile to have an interest in reproductive technology,' she told The Observer last week. 'This could mean anyone can become a parent; women after the menopause, gay couples, celibate men.'
——Anna Smajdor, an ethicist at Imperial College London

As we known, steam cells have potential to turn into other types of tissue, like skin, heart, or brain. At Professor Harry Moore's laboratory, they found that they can make human sperm cells by treating steam cells with particular chemicals. Even if they only can make immature sperm and egg cells which have not been able to turn into mature sperm and egg, it incurs a lot of arguments.

The technique behind this revolutionary science has been developed over the past two years. 'We still have several years to go before we can use it on humans,' said Professor Harry Moore, of Sheffield University's Centre for Stem Cell Biology. 'Nevertheless I have been amazed at what has been achieved.'

Though this technology was motived to help people who is infertility to have a child but gay couple at first, I still being happy to hear this. Maybe next time we can't say "Fuck you" to a man, because it will mean "Do you want have a baby with me?". :P

Two men and their baby - how science outwits Mother Nature
(Sunday November 13, 2005, The Observer UK News)

幹細胞研究 讓兩個男人生小孩