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【過生活】Happy 2006!

Here comes Y 2006!

Although I'm living in the 'time zone' (or 'old fashion' ?) of Chinese calendar, 2006 still makes a lot of people very exciting.

(So does my dad. He even told me that I'm a caveman last night!...~~~ \("▔□▔)/...)

Where did you count down for the New Year's Eve of 2005? Just take a look at the people in Times Square and find more firework show last night in Taipei 101 through internet. It's very beautifut!

Besidess, here is a series articles of 〈2005's best (and worst) XXX〉 from Entertainment Weekly including TV, movies, musics, books, DVDs etc.

Congratulation to 【Brokeback Mountain】 who is the best movie couples and the third of best movies. The airdate is 21 in Taiwan. Maybe I will ask my little brother going to the theater with me and come out. (Just kidding. ^_____^a)

Wish all you guys have a HAPPY New Year, and all things in your list come true.

↑ The firework show in Taipei 101